Customized Solutions

Our company’s customized service (S&M) offers the best storage solutions for your collections. Working with our wide range of cardboard, paper and synthetic materials, we create customized boxes, folders, cases and envelopes, starting from just one unit. It is possible to add any type of logo or text.


Our range of products is organized by families. It is an open selection where you can consult both the technical characteristics of the products and their applications as well as seeing some of the designs and solutions created by our company.


A selection of machinery used in the restoration field, mainly for restoring paper. A&M provides the installation and maintenance of this equipment.


A wide range of preservation paper, made from refined pulp from wood or natural plants (cotton, hemp…). Machine or hand-made. With or without alkaline reserves. A collection of samples available upon request.


In this section you will find everything from adhesives to small instruments to fine arts material, mounting tape, repair…everything a restorer might need in his workshop!

Envelopes and Folders

Made out of our papers and cardboard, made to measure for boxes and documents. Formats which guarantee a maximum level of security for your collections.


A large selection of cardboard of different grades, thickness and colours. Has multiple uses; for making boxes, for secondary support, etc. A collection of samples available upon request.


Aluminium furniture specifically conceived for preservation. Aluminium is the most stable, noble and rigid material.

About us

Since 1999, A&M has specialized in the commercialization of customized solutions  and conservation and  restoration materials.


Used to manufacture sleeves, for protection and for stands using only high quality material. Samples available upon request.


A&M boxes include standard or custom-made models, always using the best choice of material for our customers’ specific needs. For horizontal or vertical files, die-cut or manual.